The COVID-19 pandemic has changed so much about the way we live right now, and the home buying and selling process is no exception.  Even once Stay at Home mandates are lifted, we certainly do not want to be going in and out of strangers’ homes touching doorknobs, light switches, and appliances. 

If you are looking to buy a new home soon however, don’t despair!  We can help you find a home while staying safely within the health guidelines.  Here are some tips for looking for a new home during the pandemic:

  • Be selective about the homes you choose to visit.  If you are the type of buyer that likes to cast a wide net and see everything in your price range, you may have to change your methodology.  Try to narrow down your list of homes to visit to your very top choices. 
  • Start with a Virtual Tour.  Many sellers are making virtual home tours available for buyers.  The technology for virtual has improved greatly in the last couple of years, from simple videos to 3-D tours with floorplans that help you feel what it is really like to walk through the rooms.
  • Take a Facetime (or similar technology) tour with your real estate agent.  If the seller doesn’t offer a virtual tour, have your agent do one for you.  The seller may be more comfortable allowing one agent to come in than a group of people.  Your agent, masked and gloved, can take a video for you or Facetime with you while you tour the home.
  • Ready to do a live showing?  When you find a home you really must see in person, don’t bring anyone with you that isn’t vital to the decision-making process.  Besides the fact that sellers probably do not want a family of six parading around, with fewer distractions you can get a better look and eliminate the need to come back a second time.  Take lots of pictures and measurements so you don’t miss anything. 
  • Put safety first when touring.  You want to safeguard your own health, and you want the sellers to appreciate that you safeguard theirs as well. In most cases the sellers will not be present.  Everyone at the showing should wear a mask and use hand sanitizer before and after you enter the home.  Your real estate agent should wear a fresh pair of disposable gloves so they can turn on lights or open doors and cabinets as needed.

The Advisra Real Estate sales team is actively showing and selling houses during the pandemic, so don’t let the current situation discourage you from looking.  Most of the process can be handled virtually and online now, and when things cannot be handled leveraging those technologies, we are ensuring we have your health and safety in mind.  Contact us for more information.